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Each tree species has a best time to be pruned. Depending on species, we can help you decide on when is best for your trees.
 The best time would’ve been 20 year ago. The second best time, is now. Yet spring & fall are generally considered the best times. With a little effort and care, planting trees can be done anytime from frost free to early frost.
 We at Branchbusters carry full insurance and liability. We can provide proof of insurance upon your request.
 Brian would gladly provide you with an assessment of your trees & shrubs. He can also provide recommendations to help your trees & shrubs & apply them to your specific situation.
Estimates are free of charge. We do have a fee for diagnosis & assessments.
 Yes, we offer a 10% discount for seniors 65+. As well we offer 10% off winter rates from December 1st-March 1st every year.
Please contact our office, and Brian can discuss this more precisely.
There are a minimum of 2, and depending on the project at hand, we can have up to 5 workers at a job site, if necessary.

Yes, we remove all debris, branches, wood, & leaves that we create. We put it through a wood chipper & dispose of it in a green & positive manner.

 Yes you may – we generally cut the wood into 12-18” pieces, depending on your needs & leave it for you.
We have a truck, chipper & stump grinder. We do our best to now harm the surrounding landscape by driving on your lawn. Due to the nature of the work, divots are sometimes made due to falling limbs & wood.
The wood & limbs we remove from a tree are lowered down with ropes & specialized equipment. We have the knowledge & ability to remove parts of, or the complete, trees without endangering surrounding structures.